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Are You Looking to Repair or Install a New Roof On Your Home?

Choosing the right Ottawa Roofing Contractor is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.I’m sure you’ve seen the TV shows about home owners like yourself needing repairs done on their home, hiring a contractor and then, getting ripped off or even worse, having their home left in shambles.

To save you the pain of being ripped off or having your home destroyed, download your free buyer’s guide, the “Top 20 insider tips to avoid getting ripped off by Ottawa Roofing Contractors”.

hazlett-roofing-report-coverYour Free Home Owners Guide:

  • Cuts through the confusion on how to properly check for references (page 10)
  • Gives you the #1 “No Brainer” question many people forget to ask their roofer (page 21)
  • Reveals 5 vital tips to inspecting your own roof (page 7)
  • Removes the chance of paying additional fees for unwarranted work (page 21)
  • Skyrockets the likely hood of getting the right contractor that won’t rip you off (page 11)

After you enter your name and primary email address, you’ll get instant access to your FREE guide on how to choose the best Roofing Contractor in Ottawa. Don’t be one of those people that don’t prepare themselves and end up getting ripped off by a cheap contractor.

Before you hire a roofer in Ottawa enter your name and primary email address into the form on the right for instant access to the Top 20 Insider Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Roofing Contractors in Ottawa.

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Discover What Hazlett Roofing Can Do For You

  • sloped roofing ottawaSloped Roofing & Repair in Ottawa Ontario

    Hazlett Roofing has installed thousands of sloped roofs in the last 30 years. We know that there are correct ways to do the job that will greatly extend the life of your roof. Using shortcut methods that may save you some money now will end up costing you considerably more later. A poor installation will shorten the life span of the roof, may invalidate manufacturer warranties and expose your home/building to water damage.

    Sloped Roofing in Ottawa Ontario


  • ottawa-flat-roof-installationResidental & Commerical Flat Roofing in Ottawa Ontario

    Hazlett Roofing installs flat roofs on both residential and commercial buildings using the most modern methods designed to offer the best long-term protection and return on your investment. Our maximum installation size is 100,000 square feet after which we will refer you to a firm specializing in large installations.

    Flat Roofing in Ottawa

  • metal roofing in ottawaUpgrade to Metal Roofing in Ottawa

    Hazlett Roofing uses Steel Tile Co. Metal Roofs because of their outstanding warranty and quality products that are suitable for agricultural, commercial, light industrial and residential installations. The Straight Panel Rib Series provides outstanding coverage and performance that incorporates the latest metal forming technology with top quality material and finishes to create a distinctive continuous look that is virtually seamless.

    Metal Roofing in Ottawa Ontario

Hazlett Roofing Your Ottawa Roofing Contractor

Roofers in OttawaAt Hazlett Roofing, we only employ skilled tradespeople who are certified to do their job. All of our crew members are full-time, trained and certified employees. We maintain a meticulous cleanup policy on every job site. We have insurance and WSIB Coverage. We also offer roof inspections and a full line of repair services.

Emergency and temporary repair services are available around the clock.

Roofing Contractors in Ottawa or Call us at 613-519-0212

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